Sustainable Seafood


[noun]  any fish or shellfish from the sea used for food


[adj.]  capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage.

GoodFishBadFish provides the resources that will allow you to make informed, sustainable, choices. Background information is provided to allow for a clearer understanding of some of the issues relating to seafood sustainability. The 'Seafood Converter' helps find sustainable species and offers alternatives to those that should be avoided, with handy cooking tips too. The site also provides additional information and resources that allow for optional further reading on key issues and developments.


Seafood Converter

The Right Fish for the Dish

The GoodFishBadFish Seafood Converter is an easy online tool, designed
to assist home cooks and people interested in seafood.  Simply pick your fish from the list to find out about species and their sustainability, alternatives and cooking tips.


Restaurants & Retail

What's happening with GoodFishBadFish?

The sustainability information on the GoodFishBadFish species profiles is no longer being updated. We will endeavour to update or remove this information as soo... Continue reading

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This baked fish is easy enough for a mid-week dinner, but also a show-stopper when entertaining at home. You could expand this recipe and cook a whole side of fish for a crowd with ease, just adjust c... Continue reading



Looking for more information on Sustainable Seafood?
Have a look at these great resources and organisations.

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In an ongoing series, GoodFishBadFish explores Open-Pen Sea Cage Aquaculture in Australia. This is the method of aquaculture used to farm all Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout. Do you know how your dinner was raised?