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West Australian Dhufish

West Australian Dhufish

Standard Names: West Australian Dhufish

AMCS list West Australian Dhufish as SAY NO.

Reasonably long-lived and slow growing species, targetted heavily throughout its range and vulnerable to fishing pressures. Dhufish only reach their full reproductive potential as older fish.

West Australian Dhufish is a member of the pearl perch family. Though only well known in southern WA where it is caught, it is a well regarded food fish and much prized by recreational anglers.

Though previously called 'Jewfish' or 'Jewie' in some states, it should not be confused with Mulloway, which also goes by these names.

Sustainable Alternatives:

ALTERNATIVE 1: Coral Trout

Common Coral Trout

The large flaked, firm, pearly white flesh of West Australian Dhufish has combined with limited catch numbers to make it one of Australia's highest priced food fishes. CORAL TROUT flesh has similar characteristics and can be used as an alternative in recipes.



MULLOWAY has large, firm, white flakes of meaty flesh that remain moist on cooking and are well suited as an alternative to West Autralian Dhufish when grilling, baking, BBQ'ing or steaming.


Yellowfin Bream

BREAM, especially Yellowfin Bream, have white flesh that will remain moist, especially when cooked on the bone. Suited to Panfrying, Steaming or Grilling

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