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True Emperors

Red Spot Emperor

Standard Names: Threadfin Emperor, Longnose Emperor, Grass Emperor, Redspot Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Redthroat Emperor

AMCS recommends Redthroat Emperor from QLD as a EAT LESS.

QLD DPI list the East Coast stock of Redthroat Emperor as 'Not Fully Utilised'

Considered 'Sustainable' in QLD and 'Undefined' in WA
Further information about government stock assessments and the Redthroat Emperor fishery can be found HERE

Mostly long-lived species that reach sexual maturity late, Emperor's are vulnerable to overfishing. Heavily targeted throughout their range.

There are approximately 19 species of Emperor, all marketed as 'Emperor' or sometimes 'Sweetlip'. They are reef dwelling fish caught year round in the north of Australia, predominantly from QLD. Different species are caught by methods that include pot, trap, line and trawl fishing.

Red Emperor is not a True Emperor, but a sea perch from the Snapper Family.

Preparation & Cooking:

EMPERORS are highly regarded food fishes with clean, white flesh that remains firm on cooking and flakes well. Fillets are suited to grilling or panfrying while whole fish can be Baked, Steamed or wrapped in foil and BBQ'd.

Sustainable Alternatives:


Giant Trevally

TREVALLY is a suitable alternative when cooking whole fish. They can be stuffed and steamed, baked or BBQ'd. If baking or BBQ'ing, wrap in foil to ensure the flesh doesn't dry out.

ALTERNATIVE 2: Coral Trout

Common Coral Trout

CORAL TROUT and other white fleshed reef fish are suitable alternatives to the Emperors, all grilling and frying well.

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