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Cod and Grouper

Yellowspotted Rockcod

Standard Names: Several species of Rockcod, (including Goldspotted Rockcod, Banded Rockcod Black-tipped Rockcod, Longfin Rockcod, Maori Rockcod, Bluespotted Rockcod and others), Barramundi Cod, Rankin Cod, and various 'groupers', many of whom have been identified as correctly belonging to the 'Rockcod' group, and their names changed accordingly.

Not to be confused with the Eastern Red Scorpionfish, sometimes referred to as Red Rockcod

The term 'cod' is used widely to refer to many different species of fish, often inaccurately. The fish in this catergory are for the most part 'Rockcod', which are often confused with or mislabelled as 'Groper' or 'Grouper'.

They are found in both estuarine and marine habitats, often in reef or rubble and mostly in the north of Australia. The fishery, though year round, is often sporadic, leading to higher prices and instances of subsitution and mislabelling by fishmongers. They are caught mostly by traps and bottom-set lines though are also taken by prawn and demersal fish trawlers.

The Why & How of Sustainability

QLD DPI lists the Exploitation Status of Bar Rockcod (Banded Rockcod) as 'Uncertain'
QLD DPI has made no assessment of the Exploitation status of Goldspotted Rockcod

NSW DPI lists the Exploitation Status of Banded Rockcod as 'Undefined'

Cods and Gropers are slow growing species which are vulnerable to overfishing. Several species considered 'vulnerable' or 'threatened'.

Sustainable Alternatives:

ALTERNATIVE 1: Coral Trout

Common Coral Trout

CORAL TROUT is a well regarded eating fish, having clean white flesh and firm, flavoursome fillets simlar to that of Cods and Gropers. Flavour and texture can differ with size, larger specimens may be coarser and have less flavour. Fillets have large firm flakes ideally suited to Grilling or BBQ'ing. They can also be Steamed with aromatics for great results, and very fresh fish are excellent Raw.



MULLOWAY has large firm flakes and its white flesh has a low oil content and remains moist when carefully Grilled and BBQ'd. It is suited to most recipes where cod or grouper is called for.


GFBF Gurnard

Gurnard flesh is mildly flavoured, but holds up very well to most cooking methods. It remains firm in both wet preparations and when pan fried or grilled.

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