Exploring Open-Pen Sea Cage Aquaculture

In a four-part series, GoodFishBadFish explores Open-Pen Sea Cage Aquaculture in Australia. This is the method of aquaculture used to farm all Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout and large quantities of Yellowtail Kingfish, as well as Barramundi and Snapper. So, do you know how your fish was raised?

Opinions on sea cage aquaculture differ greatly.. it’s prolific and expanding, providing large quantities of the finfish consumed worldwide, however it’s lambasted by the major environmental groups worldwide as destructive and inefficient.

In this four part series we talk to marine scientists, industry experts and conservation groups, as well as the producers themselves. The result is an even-handed look at the state of the industry in Australia.. its environmental impacts, industry regulation, differences between species and producers and the role of conservations groups and certification schemes.

Read on here:

Part 1: An Introduction to Open-Pen Sea Cage Aquaculture

Part 2: Environmental Impacts of Sea Cage Aquaculture

Part 3: Regulation of Sea Cage Aquaculture and the Role of NGO’s

Part 4: Summary of Open-Pen Sea Cage Aquaculture