GoodFishBadFish in the Media

The Locavore Edition, June 2012 – We discuss sustainable seafood options and the role of various groups in the sustainability discussion.

Broadsheet Melbourne, March 28th 2012 - Oliver recommends Black Bream and Marron as his favourite sustainable seafood choices in Autumn.

OnFood, August 2nd 2011 – GFBF give OnFood 5 tips for eating fish sustainably and a recipe for Mussels with Potato, Fennel and Saffron.

Lifehacker Australia, July 5th 2011 – Australian edition of daily weblog highlights GoodFishBadFish.

Lifehacker USA, July 5th 2011 – US edition of daily weblog adds an American voice to the GoodFishBadFish article on Lifehacker Australia.

Vogue Living, July/August 2011 – A snippet on the FOOD CHAIN page ‘Latest Links to top restaurants, bars, food and fine dining’.

The Age, May 30th 2011 – Paul Best talks sustainable seafood with people from all over the industry, including Oliver Edwards from GoodFishBadFish.

Broadsheet Melbourne, March 21st 2011 - Oliver chats about sustainable seafood and the inspiration behind GoodFishBadFish.