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Sandwiches of Yellow-Eye Mullet stuffed w Pine Nuts and Raisins with Marinated Zuchinni

Mullet 'Sandwiches' w marinated zuchinni
Posted on by gfbf_admin

‘Sandwiching’ crispy skinned mullet with a stuffing of pine nuts and raisins is a great way to show off this delicious moist fish. This recipe might sound complicated, but it’s not especially difficult. Both the zucchinis and the mullet “sandwiches” … Continue reading

Braised Baby Octopus w Chorizo & White Beans

Charlotte Wood's Braised Baby Octopus
Posted on by gfbf_admin

Charlotte Wood is an Australian author, who blogs about her passion for food at Charlotte tells us that this recipe came about out of an offal-eating challenge – the sauce was originally meant to accompany tripe, but Charlotte realised … Continue reading

Salt & Pepper Squid with Homemade Sweet-Chilli

Salt and Pepper Squid
Posted on by gfbf_admin

Salt and Pepper Squid is a now ubiquitous favourite, found in cafes, restaurants, fish & chippies and pubs around the country. It’s really easy to make at home – the secret to crisp and tender squid is hot, clean oil, … Continue reading

Paul Cooper’s Black Bream w Choucroute & Red Wine Bearnaise

Paul Cooper's Bream Dish
Posted on by gfbf_admin

Paul Cooper is head chef and co-owner of Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills, where he takes a casual approach to modern European dining. Paul’s food highlights his passion for small producers and nose-to-tail cooking. He focuses on using local, sustainable produce … Continue reading

How to Shuck an Oyster

Step 1
Posted on by gfbf_admin

As well as delicious recipes, we at GFBF want to share seafood preparation knowledge so that you can have confidence when cooking seafood. A freshly shucked oyster is a very different beast to the opened product at most fishmongers. Oysters are … Continue reading

Prosciutto Wrapped Rainbow Trout with BBQ’d Asparagus

Prosciutto wrapped rainbow trout with asparagus
Posted on by gfbf_admin

This dish is impressive to look at but easy to make – perfect for the next time you’re entertaining and want to impress! Serve 1 trout per person as a main course or a couple of these as a centrepiece … Continue reading

Mussels with Fennel, Saffron and Potato

Pot of Fennel, Saffron mussels
Posted on by gfbf_admin

Mussels are a fantastic, versatile seafood. They are cheap, readily available, easy to cook and sustainable. In this recipe we present a stew of mussels with a comforting broth of potato, saffron and fennel. Serve with piles of fresh, crusty … Continue reading

Sand Whiting with Spring Salad and Sauce Gribiche

Finished Sand Whiting dish
Posted on by gfbf_admin

The less-utilised little cousin of the ever-popular King George Whiting, Sand Whiting has delicate, mild-tasting white flesh with a fine flake. In this recipe we serve them butterflied from the back, which leaves a bone-free pocket to fill with the … Continue reading

Seafood Laksa

Posted on by gfbf_admin

This famous Malaysian soup is the perfect dish, year round. Its hearty noodles and warming broth make it comforting when the weather blusters and the rain comes down sideways. However, the fragrant, spicy base, fresh ingredients and balanced sour notes … Continue reading

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